Cirrhosis of the Liver Causes Alcohol Consumption and Hepatitis

Cirrhosis means scarring of a very important life-sustaining organ known as your liver, and this scar tissue forms in replacement of healthy tissue. Cirrhosis liver tissue doesn’t perform, it only blocks healthy tissue from doing the job of:

  • digesting food
  • storing energy
  • making protein
  • fighting infections
  • cleaning your blood

Once your liver is scarred, nothing out here to make it go away. Treating the cause to keep it from worsening is a good as it gets. Good news is that cirrhosis can be controlled if caught and treated early.

Cirrhosis has numerous causes, but the two most common are alcoholism and hepatitis.

In the beginning of liver cirrhosis, you may not have any symptoms signaling that scar tissue is forming. As it progresses you may experience:

On down the cirrhosis line, other signs and health issues may begin to emerge like:

Initially cirrhosis causes your liver to swell, then shrinkage occurs as healthy tissue is replaced. If too much scar tissue forms, you may find yourself on the overcrowded liver transplant list.

Keep yourself off this list by preventing the preventable:

  • follow a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, and stay active
  • stay away from illegal (street) drugs in avoidance of hepatitis B or C
  • try to keep your weight in the normal range, overweight can make some liver diseases worse
  • stay off the booze ~ it harms your liver cells & its chronic use is one of the major causes of cirrhosis

If you have cirrhosis of the liver your alcohol consumption needs to be set at ZERO!