When Anxiety and Stress Cause Panic Attack(s)

Panic attacks can come on suddenly, without warning, anytime and anywhere. Subsequent to your initial attack, you may live in fear of having another.

Panic attacks are a sudden feeling of terror for no apparent reason. Some accompanying physical symptoms include:

Panic attacks are more common in women, and sometimes start when you are under a lot of stress and anxiety. Even after the cause of your initial stress and anxiety passes, the fear of having another attack may cause enough anxiety and stress to create cyclic recurrences of panic attacks.

  • Try breathing into a paper bag when you feel your panic coming on ~ give it a go, it really does works!

Stopping the thought pattern that causes your body’s panic attack reaction breaks the cycle of recurrences. Mentally interfering with your own thoughts is essential to convince yourself you are not going to die. Convincing may take a couple of trips to the emergency room under the belief of a heart attack, and that’s O.K.

Therapists can assist you in recognizing, and then coaching you into changing your thought pattern before your anxiety, panic or stressful thoughts lead to another panic attack. Many get better once the cause and control is mastered, and this may come to pass with or without treatment.

Having panic attacks for virtually no apparent reason is a very scary feeling, for I have passed down that road.