What Causes Age, Liver, Dark, Brown, Pigment Spots on Face, Hands and Arms

Frequent exposure to sunshine causes an increased pigmentation that result in spotting commonly referred to as:

  • age spots
  • liver spots
  • dark spots
  • brown spots
  • pigment spots

Sun also increases your risk of skin cancer.

These various termed spots are flat brown-black spots that usually occur in your previously sun-exposed areas. They are not related in any way to your liver or liver function.

These dark spots are changes in skin color due to aging which brings on increased pigmentation. Age or liver (or whichever term you prefer) spots are a very common occurrence after reaching the age of 40.

They occur most often on the:

  • face
  • forearms
  • shoulder
  • back of the hand

Simply because these areas have been and are more often exposed to the sun.

Age, liver, dark, brown, pigment are harmless and painless, and no treatment is needed in most cases. But you may cringe at their cosmetic appearance.

Your cosmetic appearance of your skin may improve by the use of skin bleaching lotions or creams.