Ways to Comfort Elderly Parent Who is Close to Death

Some emotions are common to most dying people. Some of these dying concerns include fear of abandonment and fear of being a burden, along with their loss of dignity and loss of control.

Spending time is the greatest final gift you can give to your dying elderly parent.

Some ways to provide comfort with your time, as well as comforting their concerns, are:

  • Respect requests for privacy.
  • Be helpful with what they need done.
  • Participate in reminiscing about their life.
  • Listen while they express fears and concerns about dying.
  • Reassure them you will honor their dying and after death wishes.
  • Include them in discussions issues that concern their present condition.
  • Keep them company with talking, watching T.V., reading, or just being there.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask someone for assistance. Your elderly parent’s health care provider should be able to help you with information for opportunities in your area.