Warm Compress Benefits, How to Make Warm Compresses, Uses for a Warm Compress Treatment

Using a warm compress on certain health conditions can be extremely beneficial. Some of the physiological benefits of warmth treatment is it:

  • speeds up chemical reactions
  • changes oils from semisolid to liquid
  • increases circulation by causing blood vessels to dilate

In turn, warm compresses benefits you by:

How to make warm compresses is as easy as saturating a washcloth, small towel or any thick cotton clothe with warm water and wring it out. To make it hotter, heat your warm clothe in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Your warm compresses should be warmer than your skin, but not scorching hot.

To reap warm compress benefits, leave this treatment on for at least 10 minutes. And a heating pad placed over your warm compress can help maintain steady warmth.

There are many uses for a warm compress. For instance, a warm compress can be used to help heal wounds, relieve pain, loosen up stiffness or draw stuff to your skin’s surface.

Numerous examples of health conditions for which using a warm compress treatment may be beneficial are:

Using a warm compress should feel good and often delivers amazing results. But if you experience any discomfort, remove it immediately. And if you have pruritus, use a cold rather than warm compress treatment.