Causes for Severe, Persistent, Scratchy, Dry, Sore Throat and Sore Throat Treatment Home Remedies

A sore throat is very common, and what usually causes its scratchy, severe soreness is a viral infection. However, bacteria and other throat irritants can be a cause as well. To remedy your severe, persistent, scratchy or dry sore throat depends on its cause.

Here is a list of most of the possible infectious and non-infectious causes for your sore throat.

Virus causes of sore throats:

Bacteria causes of sore throats:

Other common causes of sore throat:

Germ causing sore throats are contagious, and they can spread like wildfire whenever people get together. Notoriously schools, child care and offices are where many a sore throat has been caught.

Most severe, persistent, scratchy or dry sore throat problems are minor and go away on their own. Any treatments or remedies will depend on the underlying problem. A couple of desperately quick home remedies include:

  • honey
  • a warm drink
  • salt water gargle
  • sucking on hard candy
  • heating pad on your throat

Maintain a healthy lifestyle in support of a healthy immune system, and your body may have the natural tools to combat any sore throat causing invaders. Or perhaps heal faster from the other various common causes.