Viral Infection Causes Nasal and Chest Congestion, Sore Throat, Skin Symptoms for Treatment

Viruses are extremely complex little inconveniences or a major health disruptor. This coverage is a discussion in general.

Viral infections are caused by very minuscule sized viruses, that raid a living cell for growth. Smaller than any bacteriafungus or parasite disease creators your body is going to come across.

Once inside, a virus foray may cause the death of the cell (common cold), change the cell (cancer) or lay around in the cell (herpes). Each manifesting very different health consequences.

If a virus gains entry into your body, your immune system is signaled to send out its destruction forces. In numerous viral infection situations, these forces come away victorious. With the bonus of immunity, in the event this particular virus attempts another go around.

Hence the premise behind viral vaccines. Inject a bit of virus, immune system responds, skirmish ends with immunity. Your body gets through that viral cold and flu season without overwhelming symptoms. Fabulous.

Viral infection diseases typically go after a particular type of cell. And they usually find entry via swallowing, inhalation, bites and sexual transmission.

The most common types of viral infections are upper respiratory infections, causing you symptoms of nasal congestion, chest congestion and/or sore throat. These runny nosedifficult to breathe and painful sore throat instigators may be packaged as:

These viruses tend to be cell destroyers, immune system handled and short lived.

Some viruses dangerously infect your nervous system:

Yep, this means medical attention is called for.

Viral infections also develop on your skin, or a major sign of its infection manifests skin symptoms, like:

Some viruses hang around in your body, and will crop up causing symptoms for a lifetime, such as:

These are lifelong infectious diseases that may reactivate at anytime.

Short list of sexually transmitted viruses include:

Thankfully, for some of these viral causing diseases and viral gastroenteritis your body can knock them out without additional treatment. What you can do in support is:

  • get plenty of rest
  • keep yourself hydrated ~ drink, drink, drink
  • provide your body with a consistent source of all its required nutrients ~ in sickness and in health

Your immune system response, diligently at work, is what actually causes many of your health overwhelming symptoms. For example sore throat, nasal congestion and chest congestion.

In some instances, an antiviral drug may be a necessary treatment to combat your viral infection. Antibiotics do not treat viruses. So never, ever self treat your virus, or otherwise, by taking an antibiotic.

Antibiotics must be reserved for strict use when life and health preserving is necessary. Use antibiotics ONLY when medically directed to do so!

What can you do? Keep your body in homeostatic health in readiness for viral engagement.