Urethritis, Urethral Syndrome Causes Frequent Burning Urination Symptoms for Urethra Treatment

Urethritis is urethra inflammation. Urethral syndrome is long-lasting, or chronic, urethritis.

The urethra is your urine transport tube. It carries liquid waste products from your bladder to an evacuation opening above the vagina for women and tip of the penis for men.

Normally, urine expulsion is relieving and pain free. With urethritis, expelling urine is frequent and burning. Other urethritis or urethral syndrome symptoms that may accompany your dysuria involve:

Your painful urethritis symptoms could have been caused by an array of bacteria or virus types, like:

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are most often the cause for the frequent burning urination of urethritis.

Also, you can develop urethritis symptoms as a result of a sensitivity to chemicals. Primal suspects are found in feminine personal hygiene products, spermicides and contraceptive jellies or foams.

Urethral syndrome, or chronic urethritis, is frequently caused by a bacterial infection or narrowing of your urethra. E. coli bacteria is a frequent cause for long term urethra inflammation.

Treatment for bacterial caused urethritis or urethral syndrome are antibiotics specifically designed for your type of infection.

Pyridium, urinary tract pain reliever, may also be a prescribed in concert with other forms of treatment. This drug treatment can decrease your frequent burning urinary discomfort.

Some women have repeated episodes of urethritis as an outcome of sexual relations. In this instance, peri-coital treatment may be recommended. This involves taking a preventive antibiotic before or after intercourse.

If you suspect your urethra inflammation is due to a chemical irritant, treatment is accomplished by avoiding the source of irritation. Yep, you’ll need to use some other method to avert contraception.

During treatment for urethritis, use a condom or refrain from sexual contact altogether. If an infectious disease is your cause for frequent burning urination, then your sexual relations buddy needs to be treated too.

Untreated urethritis and urethral syndrome can progress to these hefty complications:

Urethral syndrome can lead to urethral narrowing, which may require a medical procedure to open urethra tube back up.

With treatment, urethritis frequent burning urination usually returns to healthy pain free urine relief without a snag.

Two healthy ways toward reducing your risk for burning frequency of urethritis is practicing safe sex and drinking plenty of water. And please preserve the health of our planet via water filtration instead of bottled water!