Types of Harmful Bacteria Causes Bacterial Infection Diseases and Natural Antibiotic Resistance Options

Bacteria are alive, can be helpful and most are harmless. That’s right, one type of these tiny single celled critters dwells in your gut, assisting in digestion of food.

There exists however, harmful types of infectious bacteria that have the potential to make you feel extremely unwell. These puppies can reproduce with lightning speed, and potentially release tissue damaging toxins.

A couple of infamous bacteria on the “make humans sick” list are:

Disease causing bacteria gain entry to your insides through inhalation, ingestion or a break in the skin.

Some familiar sounding diseases, or life inconveniences, caused by bacteria include:

WOW, what a list, definitely not all inclusive. Additional types of bacterium are out there, creating their own brand of havoc.

Standard treatment for knocking out a bacteria caused infection is taking antibiotics that are specifically designed for your particular infectious bacteria. Not all antibiotics are created equally, so do not take another’s.

This treatment is not without future risk of resistance. In fact, you may ultimately be the conduit for spreading a bacterium to which no antibiotic cures. In the interest of your health, and the health of others, use antibiotics sparingly.

A couple of “natural” antibiotics purported to naturally battle bacteria are:

  • raw garlic ~ oral
  • wild indigo ~ oral
  • active yogurt ~ oral
  • tea tree oil ~ topical
  • colloidal silver ~ oral & topical

Nature has provided for the most naturally healthy method for minimizing an overgrowth of many bacteria. This is what’s known as your own immune system. And your deliberate support of this system via nutrients consumed within a homeostasis promoting diet, coupled with regular physical activity, makes natural antibiotic sense.

But let’s face it, antibiotics markedly improve survival rates for some diseases caused by bacterial infections. One such example is pneumonia, a notable cause of death in the elderly.

Step up only should this type of need ever arise. Until then, maintain your health and remain antibiotic free.