Tumors: Benign Tumor, Malignant Tumor, Carcinoid Tumor Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Tumors, frequently misspelled tumour, are masses of aberrant, unrestrained cell growths without a healthy purpose. There are different types, and they’re usually named in relation to the type of tissue from which they originate and/or location in the body.

Benign indicates that a tumor is not cancer. While malignant means it is. Although a benign tumor doesn’t spread nor invade other tissue, it can still be a serious health issue. Especially if it presses against a vital organ causing interference with its function.

carcinoid tumor is a type of malignancy that grows slowly and usually crops up in your gastrointestinal tract and lungs. But, other organs can be its place of origin, like your ovaries and testes.

Some risk factors that are known to cause the growth of a benign or malignant tumor include:

Carcinoid tumors account for about half of all small intestinal cancers. Causing an increased chance for this type of tumour are:

Symptoms of a tumor depend on its type and location. A couple of general symptoms involve:

If a carcinoid, benign or malignant tumor is growing in your lungs, then it may cause symptoms of:

While tumors of your gastrointestinal tract can cause symptom noticed via:

Ofttimes, tumors don’t cause any signs or symptoms.

Treatment varies based on its location and whether it’s benign or malignant.

In some cases, benign tumors require no treatment because it doesn’t cause symptoms or affect the function of nearby organs. Some may request their removal for cosmetic reasons.

On the other hand, malignant tumors are removed whenever possible. Radiation and chemotherapy may be used with tumors that are not completely removed or are irremovable.

With early detection, a carcinoid tumor is highly treatable with total removal surgery. Yet, most of these tumors are discovered late.

Catching some malignant tumors at their earliest stage is when they’re most treatable. Types of screening for early detection are:

Tumor prevention is through avoidance of known causes previously mentioned, coupled with a health nurturing diet and exercise.