Tooth Decay Causes Dental Cavities (Caries) Toothache Pain for Teeth Pain Relief Remedies

Do you know that plaque starts to build within a half hour after consuming an acid promoting food. Sweets (sugar) mixed with bacteria in your mouth  produces acid. This acid causes tooth decay, which is the precursor to cavities, aka caries. Plaque also contains acid which erodes your teeth and creates a hole. As this hole grows, you may experience how acid affects the nerves inside your teeth, what’s commonly known as a very painful toothache. If left untreated, your dental problem can escalate into a tooth abscess or fracture.  In addition, plaque causes gingivitis and periodontitis.

Sticky, chewy foods containing sugars and starches skyrocket your risk of tooth decay by remaining on your teeth for long periods of time and destroying teeth. Once a tooth is shot, nothing can be done to save it. However, there are methods for slowing or stopping its death march, such as:

  • tooth fillings
  • crowns for extensive decay
  • root canal for teeth with nerve death
  • dental sealants that can help prevent cavities

Early treatment preserves your teeth, is less painful and cheaper.

Fluoride, ingested during tooth development, has been shown to become part of the structure of your teeth, protecting them against acid’s erosion power. Also, topical fluoride later in life is said to have a similar effect.

Should you find yourself with that extremely annoying toothache pain, and no dentist in sight, some home remedies you can try for relief treatment include:

  • ice
  • peppermint
  • Nyquil rinse
  • onion/garlic pack
  • almond/vanilla extract
  • aspirin applied directly
  • hydrogen peroxide swish
  • benzocaine applied directly
  • rinse mouth with warm water
  • rinse mouth with warm salt water
  • alcohol soaked cotton ball applied directly

Alcohol, as in the type you drink and not the type you rub.

Tooth decay and the common cold are the two most likely health issues you will experience within your lifetime. Corn syrup, along with other sweeteners that are added during food processing, is a major catalyst for tooth decay, common cold and the all around poor health of our “progressively getting sicker” existence.

Take anti caries action by making the “no processed” healthy food choices that are plentiful in the produce section.