Toenail Fungus Causes Thick, Brittle, Dark Discolored Toe Nail, Natural Cure Remedies Treatment

A fungal (toe and finger) nail infection (onychomycosis) occurs when a fungus or yeast gets under your nail bed.

If this type of fungus manages to get under your nail, your toe or finger nail will appear thick, brittle and discolored. You can expect to notice or experience nail changes, such as:

  • dull
  • thick
  • brittle
  • painful
  • foul odor
  • discolored
  • dark colored
  • crumbly edges
  • abnormally shaped
  • nail bed separation
  • white or yellow spot

Toenail fungus is caused by the same type of fungus that causes athlete’s foot infection.

The reason nail fungus infections occur more often in toenails is because fungi thrive in dark, warm, moist environments, like that found inside your shoe. Add in the reduced blood circulation to this peripheral location, which makes it difficult for your immune system to combat an infection.

Thus, toenail fungus infections are more prevalent for those with diabetesweakened immune systems or circulation issues, as found in older individuals. Additional risk factors include:

  • perspiring heavily
  • working in moist environments
  • wearing non-absorbing, unventilated socks/shoes
  • walking barefoot in damp public places ~ swimming, gym or shower room areas

The ideal course of treatment is by first having your “funky” looking nail diagnosed. Treatment cure remedies vary depending on what is the cause, and fungi is not always the culprit. Other causes and conditions for toenail problems included:

Fungus causing toenail infections are difficult to treat, and recurrences are common. No matter which course of treatment you choose, it may take several months for a new beautiful toenail to grow back in. Some traditional cure treatment options include:

  • nail removal ~ takes up to a year to grow back completely
  • oral prescription medications ~ not without potential side effects
  • topical antifungal medications ~ used in conjunction with oral medications
  • over-the-counter antifungal nail creams and ointments ~ minimally effective
  • antifungal nail polish ciclopirox (Penlac) ~ takes a year, low percentage cure rate

Some non-traditional toe nail natural treatment remedies, no science to back them up and no personal experience, include:

  • VapoRub ~ no consensus on how often to apply
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – half water, half vinegar soak
  • Tee Tree Oil ~ applied twice daily, stop using if reaction
  • Vinegar ~ soak feet 15 to 20 min in mixture 1 part vinegar 2 parts warm water

In an effort to prevent nail fungus, or reduce future recurrences of an infection, follow these prevention tips:

  • trim nails straight across
  • keep nails short, dry and clean
  • never go barefoot in public places
  • dry hands and feet nails after bathing
  • wear synthetic socks that keep away moisture
  • refrain from using nail polish and artificial nails
  • if feet sweat take shoes off regularly during the day
  • use an antifungal spray or powder on feet and the inside
  • be picky about choosing salon for manicure and pedicure

Keep in mind that toe nail fungus is contagious. So to keep your nails gorgeous and healthy be sure to check your “footsies” partner’s feet as well.