Sweat Caused Intertrigo Red Skin Fold Rash for Moisture Control Treatment

Intertrigo is a red skin fold rash that is caused by moist irritation. This inflammation occurs in areas of the body where two skin surfaces retain sweat and rub against each other.

Intertrigo worsens in situations or conditions that cause heat, wetness, and friction, i.e. humid climate, restrictive clothing. This rashy skin condition can be worsened by a skin infection via fungus or bacteria.

This skin fold rash is not contagious. And it may be confused with erythrasma, a bacterial skin infection, or cutaneous candidiasis, a fungal skin infection, because of appearance similarities.

Intertrigo often develops in:

  • toes
  • belly
  • groin
  • fingers
  • armpits
  • buttocks
  • neck creases
  • under breasts

Sites that tend to be warm and accumulate sweaty moisture.

Trapped skin fold sweat is the main instigator of intertrigo. So, it’s most common in those who are overweight, have diabetes or wear those notorious moisture trappers known as diapers. However, the development of this red rash also materializes in areas where a splints, braces or artificial limbs are worn.

Your skin affected by intertrigo is generally very raw, and may itch or ooze. When a skin fold intertrigo rash is excessively moist, your skin can breakdown and emit a foul odor.

Some self care moisture control treatments for ridding intertrigo’s red, raw skin fold rash are:

  • don loose clothing
  • apply zinc oxide paste
  • wear cotton fabric only
  • employ Domeboro soaks
  • cleanse affected area daily
  • keep area dry & exposed to air
  • use moisture absorbent powders
  • blow hair dryerair across area when sweat accumulates
  • topical antibacterial if skin bacterial infection suspected
  • topical antifungal (clotrimazole cream) helps with suspect skin yeast infection
  • administer hydrocortisone creamtwice a day for itchiness, but only for 2 weeks

For more severe cases of sweat caused intertrigo, you may need a stronger version of anti-fungal or antibiotic cream. So, you’ll need to visit your health care provider for these prescriptions.

And of course, weight loss is another moisture treatment to remedy the skin fold sweat.