Survival, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Montra

Over the past couple years I have been driving a semi around the USA. Yep, an 18-wheeler throughout the lower 48. Well I’m back. Taking this winter off the road and embarking on a new adventure: VanDwelling!

In an effort to keep my blood pressure down while out on that sometimes very hectic roadway I found myself repeating a mantra.  (A mantra is simply any repeated word or phrase.) My montra was “Survival, thank you, thank you, thank you.”  It worked (BP almost too low) & here is why I think it did.

First let me set the scene. Imagine you are driving a truck that can weigh up to 40 tons. At this weight your stopping distance is let’s just say a long way. There you tootling along in the right lane at a comfortable speed for traffic. Unbeknownst to you there is some impatient soul coming up who wants to turn off at next exit. There are two options for them, one is tuck in behind you or speed up and suddenly zip in front to the off-ramp.  Since it’s not in their DNA to wait, tucking in not an option. Zip right in front it is. Your first natural response is being startled followed by anger for their total disregard.

Both responses in the above “oh too common” scenario are stressful. A funny thing happened when I sung my montra out loud after an event like this, I felt blissful. Why? Because you redirect your mind toward what’s really important to you.  For me, my focus is on a lifestyle closer to survival & grateful I can do it. So a mere reminder by singing the “survival, thank you, thank you, thank you” montra changed my life.