Stress: When Its Time to See A Doctor

So you’ve done everything to try relieve your stress and anxiety but nothing seems to work. Your doctor can help you determine if your anxiety would be best evaluated and treated by a mental health care professional.

Call 911 if:

heart attack can cause feelings of anxiety.

Call your health care provider (doctor) if:

  • You have a sudden feeling of panic
  • You do not know the source or cause of your anxiety
  • Your anxiety is elicited by the memory of a traumatic event
  • You are unable to work or function properly at home because of anxiety
  • You repeat an action over and over, like repetitively washing your hands
  • You have an uncontrollable fear ~ getting infected and sick if you are out, or a fear of heights
  • You have tried self care for several weeks without success or you feel that your anxiety will not resolve without professional help
  • You have an intolerance to heat, weight loss despite a good appetite, lump or swelling in the front of your neck or protruding eyes, thyroid may be overactive

Be sure to ask your pharmacist or health care provider (doctor) if any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you are taking can cause anxiety as a side effect. Do not stop taking any prescribed medicines without your provider’s instructions.

Stress is notorious for building up. Take self care measure earlier rather than later. There are causes of stress that do require medical intervention. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor to assist in your management when self care measures fail in their purpose.