Soft Bone Osteomalacia Causes Bone Pain Fracture Symptoms for Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Osteomalacia is doc speak for soft bones. This disease weakens your bones, potentially causing them to fracture from a bit of force. It’s referred to as rickets when a child endures the condition.

Osteomalacia and osteoporosis are both bone fracturing maladies, yet they have distinctive causes for bone pain. Osteomalacia is the aftermath of a bone building defect. Osteoporosis is the consequence of your already constructed bones growing weak.

In the early stages, osteomalacia is ofttimes symptomless. As it progresses you can expect to experience in your lower spine, pelvis, legs and feet:

Bone pain typically feels worse with physical activity and slight pressure.

Osteomalacia bone softening is most often caused by a deficiency in vitamin D. Other causes include:

Using very strong sunscreen, lack of sunlight, short days and smog are factors contributing to a vitamin D deficiency.

Your are at the highest risk for developing osteomalacia if your vitamin D consumption is inadequate coupled with minimal sunlight. Older adults and indoor bound or hospitalized beings are prone to this type of bone fracture pain.

Osteomalacia vitamin D deficiency treatment entails replenishing your low levels. Replenishment usually cures the condition, if that is your case.

There are several types of vitamin D supplements. So let your health care professional make a recommend based on treating dose and other health problems you might have.

In an effort to prevent a future bout of osteomalacia, go ahead and give your arms and legs a daily 10 minutes of sunshine. Yep northerners, you can build up vitamin D stores during the warmer months to assist in bone health during the colder ones.

Additional health rituals for osteomalacia avoidance is consuming foods high in, or enriched with, vitamin D and launching yourself outside for some weight bearing exercise.

Walking routinely in shorts and sleeveless shirt accomplishes the weight bearing and sunshine in one activity. Go for the double benefit!