Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Problems Causing Sleep Deprivation Weight Gain and Chronic Disease Link

Ensuring your mind and body gets enough routine sleep may not be a priority. But recent research has discovered a link between sleep deprivation, weight gain and chronic disease.

Studies show if you are sleep deprived, you have a tendency to gain weight. Insufficient sleep is also linked to chronic diseases and conditions, such as:

A sleep disorder and insomnia are associated with the onset of these diseases, as well as potentially complicating healthy management or outcomes.

Some common sleep disorders include:

These disorders have treatment plans designed to get you back into healthy sleeping order.

The most common causes of falling asleep or staying asleep problems are:

Daytime sleepiness and feeling tired are sleep deprivation signals.

Sleep requirements differ, you may healthfully thrive without symptoms of problems on only 6 hours. Listen to your body in an effort of sleeping a refreshing amount.

Sleeping is a balancing act of too much versus too little. Don’t force this, allow healthy refreshment be your wake up call.