Vertigo, Dizzy, Spinning, Lightheaded Causes Loss of Balance

Do you feel unsteady? Or does the room feel like its “spinning” around you? Or perhaps you feel like you’re moving when you know you’re not? You might be experiencing vertigo as a result of a balance disorders.

Your symptoms of vertigo might be hard to describe. You might find yourself saying things like “dizzy,” “woozy,” or “lightheaded” to describe what you are feeling. Perhaps this difficult to describe feeling happens only brief, or lasts a long time.

Other descriptions of vertigo might sound something like:

  • feel disoriented
  • feel “lightheaded”
  • feel like you’re falling
  • loss of balance and fall
  • vision becomes blurred
  • feel like you might faint
  • losing sense of time, place, identity

Vertigo, dizziness, room spinning and lightheadedness cause a loss of balance. Some causes of vertigo have the potential to be resolved.

Balance disorders are very serious for the elderly because they have a real potential to cause falls. For this reason alone, it is important to have your vertigo diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.