Seborrheic Keratosis Causes Wart Like Skin Growths

Seborrheic keratosis causes wart like skin growths to appear on just about every body that’s over age 40. Although they resemble skin cancer, these keratosis tumors are benign. Although telling them apart from malignant melanoma is sometimes difficult.

What’s causing your wart like skin condition is the overgrowth of keratin, a fibrous protein normally present in top layer of your skin. As it builds up, it causes a raised dark brown tumor, that can be rough like a wart.

Why wart like seborrheic keratosis occurs isn’t known. What is known is that your chances of developing at least one of these skin growths is very likely. And your head, neck and back are frequent sites of their growth.

What seborrheic keratosis looks like is:

  • shape ~ round or oval
  • solo or cluster of growths
  • has “pasted on” appearance
  • elevated with a scaly surface
  • size ~ small to an inch across
  • color ~ yellow, light tan, brown or black

These wart like skin growths are usually painless, but may be itchy at times. And scratching or picking at them can cause inflammation, bleeding and infection.

The only way to eliminate seborrheic keratosis completely is cryotherapy or surgical removal done on every skin growth. And there’s no guarantee you won’t grow more.

Generally, if your wart like skin growths don’t cause a health problem, no treatment is necessary. Lotions containing alpha hydroxyl acids may make them feel smoother and using OTC skin freezing products usually won’t cause a positive outcome.

Numerous seborrheic keratosis skin growths popping up in a short period can be a sign of gastric cancer, albeit rarely. Yet, you should pay a visit to your health care provider just to be sure.