Scrotum, Testicle, Testis, Blue Balls, Nuts, Testicular Pain Causes for Swollen Testicles Treatment

Your testicles, or testes, some even refer to them as their nuts, are very sensitive sexual organs nestled in the male scrotum. Doesn’t take much to cause these little balls pain, and sometimes this pain may be felt clear up into the abdomen.

Anytime, you experience sudden, severe testicular pain, immediate medical attention is advised.

For some testicle conditions, abdominal pain may be noticed before testis pain, for example testicular torsion. Testicular torsion means testicle twisting, which may cut off the blood supply resulting in tissue death.

This type of torsion most often occurs in young men (age 10 – 20), and requires emergency treatment. This condition can lead to infertility if left untreated.

Some other common causes of testis pain are:

Scrotum and testicular pain may also be caused by a hernia or unrelieved erection.

Testicular and scrotum swelling and inflammation is often a result of epididymitis and orchitis.

Epididymitis is inflammation of your sperm ducts, commonly caused by a bacteria infection such as chlamydia. Orchitis is inflammation of the testicles, caused by a bacteria or virus infection like the mumps.

Orchitis may occur simultaneously with epididymitis or prostatitis. And can be a complication of Familial Mediterranean fever.

Fluid accumulation in your testicles is known to cause painless swelling, and the main causes for this build up include:

  • varicocele ~ enlarged veins in your scrotum
  • spermatocele ~ cysts in epididymis, often containing dead sperm
  • hydrocele ~ fluid in scrotum surrounding your testis, common in newborns

Testicular cancer is typically painless, so all testicle lumps need to be checked out by your doctor.

Blue balls is a temporary condition caused by fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate area. The primary causes are:

Treatment for your blue balls caused by arousal is ejaculation.

So how does one know when to seek medical treatment for their nuts issue? Well, the guidelines for paying a doctor a visit go like this. Emergency treatment if:

  • sudden or severe pain
  • nausea or vomiting accompanying pain
  • injury or trauma to your scrotum, with pain lasting more than 1 hour

Doctor contacted as soon as possible if:

  • fever
  • scrotum lump
  • contact with mumps
  • warm, tender, red scrotum

For those experiencing testicle, testis, balls, testicular, scrotum pain and swelling not in the above categories, these steps will provide healthy healing support:

  • apply ice to your scrotum
  • wear an athletic supporter
  • warm baths for inflammation
  • OTC pain and inflammation relievers ~ acetaminophen or ibuprofen

For all you health nuts, keep your jock strap clean to avoid that itchy irritation of  jock itch. Ball scratching does not attract “blue ball” relieving women.