Sarcoidosis Granuloma Causes Breathing Problems, Skin Bumps Symptoms for Corticosteroids Treatment

Sarcoidosis is an immune system condition that causes granulomas (tiny lumps of cell inflammation) anywhere in your body, mostly organs. Usually these inflammatory bumps begin their formation in your lungs or lymph nodes.

Sarcoidosis symptoms may be non existent or be an outcome of an affected organ. Granulomas can be great in numbers and grow by clumping together, causing organ disruption.

Painful skin bumps are often an early sign of sarcoidosis. These skin bumps usually show up on your ankles and shins. They’re warm, tender, red or purplish red, slightly raised bumps that go away, even without treatment.

Sarcoidosis exact cause is unknown, but thought to be an inherited immune system overreaction to some kind of foreign substance. It occurs most often in African American women, aged 20-40, but nobody is immune.

Symptoms of lung sarcoidosis:

If lymph nodes are affected, they become enlarged and occasionally tender.

Other sarcoidosis skin symptoms include various types of long lasting, painless, itchy bumps, ulcers or disfiguring sores. These commonly crop up in your head region, but other skin areas get their fair share.

Sarcoidosis granulomas less often cause problems, resulting in symptoms, to your:

Sarcoidosis routinely occurs in multiple organs at a time, and in some serious organ disruption cases can result in death.

Sarcoidosis may also cause more general symptoms, like:

However, these symptoms are often caused by other health conditions.

The primary treatment for sarcoidosis is prednisone, a corticosteroid. Problem with this treatment is that corticosteroids have numerous potential side effects.

Drugs that treat sarcoidosis locally is the safest method, via:

If you have sarcoidosis, you should prioritize staying healthy by:

  • maintaining a healthy eating plan
  • avoid airborne substances like dusts, chemicals
  • be as physically active as your condition tolerates

An overall healthy lifestyle urgently needs to be prioritized by all, not only breathing problems, skin bumps granuloma producers.