Respiratory Lung Failure Causes Low Blood Oxygen Level Hypoxia, Cyanosis Symptoms

Respiratory, aka lung, failure means you have dangerous blood levels of low oxygen and/or high carbon dioxide. In turn, low blood oxygen causes hypoxia and cyanosis.

Respiratory failure is not a disease, but the result of some condition that causes lung function problems. Lung function involves breathing and your lungs themselves.

The basic job of your lungs is to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide gas. Health promoting oxygen in and carbon dioxide, waste product of metabolism, out.

Symptoms caused by low blood oxygen level include:

These symptoms vary according to what is causing your respiratory failure.

There’s a myriad of conditions and situations that cause respiratory failure, such as:

Also, slow developing respiratory failure can cause pulmonary hypertension.

The initial treatment for respiratory failure is oxygen. Oxygen treatment is given to raise your low blood oxygen level causing hypoxia and cyanosis.

The underlying cause of respiratory failure needs be treated as well, like:

Leaving lung failure untreated, your brain and heart can malfunction causing unconsciousness and arrhythmia. And even death.