Proteinuria Causes Foamy Urine and Swelling Symptoms for Protein Urine Test

Is you urine foamy? Proteinuria is too much protein in your urine, causing foamy urine and swelling. Generally, if your kidneys are physically healthy, proteins do not typically filter into your urine because of their large size.

In the circumstances of glumeruli (filters) damage in your kidney, proteins have less difficulty making it through. The protein most likely to show up in a urine test is albumin, what’s referred to as albuminuria.

Inflammation in the glomeruli (glomerulonephritis or nephritis) leads to proteinuria and many diseases can damage the glomeruli, causing proteinuria. Highest risk factors for foamy urine and swelling symptoms are:

Proteinuria is also associated with cardiovascular disease, as damaged blood vessels may lead to kidney failure. And it may show up if you suffer Fanconi syndrome and nephrosis.

A couple of signs or symptoms of proteinuria include:

A urine test is the way to determine unhealthy protein passage. Additionally, a blood test for creatinine and urea nitrogen levels indicate impaired kidney function.

Obviously, if you have diabetes and/or hypertension, your health related aim needs to be getting blood glucose and blood pressure under your control. Reducing your intake of salt and protein may also be a recommended form of treatment. Also, being slightly dehydrated can be a cause for occasional swelling with foamy urine symptoms.