Paronychia Cuticle, Nail Skin Infection Causes Painful Red Nail Bed Symptoms

Paronychia is a rather common cuticle and nail bed skin infection.

Cuticles are the overlapping skin at the bottom of your nail. Its purpose is to protect your new emerging nail.

Any damage or injury to surrounding nail skin allows an entry point for bacteriafungus and candida. These skin infections cause painful, red and swollen nail bed symptoms. A bacterial infection may cause a pussy sore as well.

Commonly, biting habits and inadvisable nail care are the root causes for paronychia. The gamut of causation possibilities for a painful red nail bed include:

  • herpes
  • nail trauma
  • selenium toxicity
  • trimming cuticles
  • nail, cuticle biting
  • picking a hangnail
  • pushing back cuticle
  • moisture overexposure
  • contact dermatitis caused by irritating chemicals

fungal nail infection can give rise to fungus causing paronychia. Also prevalent in the surrounding nail skin of those with diabetes.

Bacteria causes paronychia to come on all of a sudden. Whereas, a fungus causes your symptoms to occur gradually. And bacterial and fungal infections can be suffered simultaneously.

If you are experiencing bacterial paronychia, then soak the affected nail bed in warm water a couple of times daily. This treatment will help reduce your pain and fiery red inflammation.

But if you have fungal paronychia, keeping nail beds dry is your treatment goal. Castellani’s paint might help with drying nail skin, coupled with antifungal medication.

Don’t be alarmed if your nail skin fungus infection lasts for several months.

To prevent paronychia, care for the skin around your nails cautiously. Key factors involved in this upkeep:

  • no biting
  • no picking
  • do not trim nor remove cuticles
  • trim fingernails with a slight rounded edge
  • trim toenails straight across & not too short
  • use rubber gloves to protect against harsh chemicals & detergents

Cuticle pickers will routinely encounter paronychia until healthy nail beds are protected.