One Cause of Shortness of Breath or Feeling Out of Breath During Exercise

When you feel out of breath or shortness of breathing during exercise here is one technique you can try to discover if it solves your problem. If you have no other health issues causing your shortness of breath, your cause for feeling out of breath may be as simple as an inadequate breathing technique.

The inadequacy in your breathing technique during exercise may be resulting from your exhale phase. During exercise your body’s demand for oxygen increases with a corresponding increased production of carbon dioxide. If your exhale phase of breathing does not excrete this carbon dioxide sufficiently it can build up in your lungs.

When your lungs experience a build up of carbon dioxide, then the space for receiving oxygen becomes limited. What tends to happen is a labored inhale in your attempt to deliver more oxygen under the exercise demand. You fall into a vicious cycle of no room for the high demand with a breathing technique focused on the inhale phase. As a result, you feel out of breath.

The solution, and so many new to the world of exercising fail to appreciate, is the need to free up space in your lungs for the exercise induced demand for oxygen. One of the most important habits to form during your exercise period is to deliberately and slowly exhale.

This technique is also extremely helpful during periods of high anxiety or stress.

Try it and reap the reward of oxygen delivery efficiency. Don’t let carbon dioxide get in your way of living a healthy lifestyle.