Nocturia Frequent Night Urination, Excessive Nighttime Urinating, Nocturnal Urge to Urinate Causes

Nocturia is frequent, sometimes urgent, trips to the bathroom during the night to urinate. One nocturnal awakening for urinating isn’t typically a problem. But, waking several times over the course of a nighttime for urination may be indicative of some other health condition.

Normally, at night the amount of urine decreases and its consistency is more concentrated. Therefore, having a frequent urge to urinate is less likely and doesn’t wake you up.

However, nocturia gets you up more than once. And because nocturnal urges to urinate is not normal, you need to inform your health care provider about your excessive nighttime urinating situation in an effort to determine a cause.

Some causes of nocturia or contributing factors toward your frequent urination at night include:

And of course drinking too much close to bedtime, especially consuming coffee, caffeine or alcohol, is commonly the cause for a solo nocturnal urination trip.

Certain drugs can cause excessive nighttime urinating, such as:

  • lithium
  • diuretics
  • phenytoin
  • propoxyphene
  • demeclocycline
  • methoxyflurane
  • cardiac glycosides

Determining your nocturia’s cause is a crucial first step to treating this sleep disturbance effectively. A couple of self help measures you can try to stem the flow of your nocturnal urge are:

And nocturia isn’t the same as involuntary urinating during sleep, that’s referred to as nocturnal enuresis.