Neuropathy Causes Diabetic Foot Problems from Chronic Blood Sugar High Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition of too much sugar in your blood. If left unmanaged, long term, chronic high blood sugar levels can cause irreversible neuropathy to your feet. Neuropathy is the consequence of nerve and blood vessel damage. In this instance, diabetic damaged nerves in your foot may send messages slowly, wrong or stop sending them altogether. Should you lose the sensation of feeling in your feet, you are more prone to foot injuries, such as a:

  • cut
  • sore
  • blister

Any of these foot injuries may result in an ulcer or infection. The healing of diabetic foot problems are further complicated by blood vessel damage. This means your do not receive enough blood and oxygen to the site of injury for natural healing to take place. Gangrene may develop, which can ultimately requiring the life saving measure of amputation. Around half of those with diabetes experience diabetic neuropathy on some level. This nerve and blood vessel damage symptoms may include:

For those suffering from diabetes, the most important neuropathy prevention measure is controlling blood sugar, followed by vigilant hygiene. Maintain your nerve and blood vessel health by chronically truncating any sugar highs.