Neuroblastoma Nerve Cells Cancer Causes Abdominal Pain, Bone Pain Symptoms

Neuroblastoma is an early childhood cancer that forms in developing nerve cells. Adrenal glands is the site where this cancer routinely gets started. And it’s rarely discovered in folks over age 10.

Neuroblastomas ofttimes spreads to your lymph nodes, bones, bone marrow, liver and skin before diagnosis. This dissemination is a major cause for its high mortality rate.

A common symptom of neuroblastoma is its growing tumor pressing on nearby tissue, a cause for abdominal pain. Another is this cancer scattering into your bones, causing bone pain.

Other symptoms that may be caused by neuroblastoma involve:

Not so common nerve cells cancer symptoms include:

Neuroblastoma symptoms vary depending on the body parts it disturbs.

Your abdomen is the most common area affected by neuroblastoma cancer, causing symptoms like:

Neuroblastoma in your chest can cause these symptoms:

If your bone and bone marrow is invaded, then your blood counts may tally a shortage. This shortfall can cause:

Neuroblastomas release hormones that can cause some unusual symptoms, for instance:

Neuroblastoma is often found by testing catecholamines levels, which are hormones released by your sympathetic nerve cells.

Prior to treatment, your health care professional may recommend watchful waiting to monitor whether abdominal pain, bone pain or whatever symptoms worsen. In some cases, neuroblastoma cancer spontaneously disappears.

Many survive neuroblastoma with early detection and appropriate treatment. But because there is a chance this nerve cell cancer will return, follow up testing is a health promoting must do.