Myopathy Causes Muscle Weakness, Stiffness, Cramps, Spasm, Twitch Symptoms

Myopathy means muscle disease that affect the functioning of your voluntary skeletal muscle fibers. Typically, this malfunctioning doesn’t cause your muscles to die, only misfire and/or improperly work.

Muscle weakness is the primary symptom of myopathy. And depending on the cause for your muscle condition you may also experience other symptoms, such as:

Myopathies usually don’t affect your heart muscle directly, but sometimes can cause indirect damage. Some known causes of myopathy are:

Treatment is centered around the cause for your muscle weakness, twitch, spasm, cramp or stiffness. Lifestyle modifications and physical therapy assist some with genetically caused cases of myopathy.

Another cause for muscle weakness are neuromuscular disorders. However, with these conditions the nerves that control your voluntary muscles are affected, often resulting in muscle wastingNeuromuscular disease caused weakness may precede symptoms like:

  • cramps
  • twitching
  • aches and pains
  • joint, movement problems

Sometimes heart function and breathing issues come into play with neuromuscular disorders. Some neuromuscular disorders you possibly heard of include:

Myopathy originates in the muscle, whereas neuromuscular disorders originate in the nerves that control muscles. Different muscular issue instigators with the common treatment goal of maintaining your healthy moving quality of life.