Many Causes of Pelvic Pain, Pelvis Pain, Lower Abdominal Pain, Chronic Pelvic Pain Treatment

Pelvic pain is that pain felt below your belly button and between your hip bones. Pelvis pain may come on suddenly, hang around a bit and then go away. Or it can arrive slowly and grow in intensity until your everyday activities are disrupted.

Fleeting lower abdominal pain cramps every body’s style at one time or another. Occasional pain in the lower abdomen is quite common. After all, there are some extremely vital organs crammed into your pelvic area, especially if you’re female.

Pelvic pain is often expressed via assorted complaints. For instance, you might describe your lower abdominal pain as:

  • sharp
  • severe
  • steady
  • pressure
  • cramping
  • heaviness
  • come & go
  • dull aching

And perhaps you only notice a pain in the pelvis region during:

Ongoing pelvic pain can be a symptom of a disease, infection or health problem caused by your reproductive organs, urinary tract, lower intestines, bladder, bowel, rectum, appendix, nerves, muscle or bone. Many causes for which pelvic pain can be a sign include:

Determining which one of these many underlying pelvic pain causes is your issue will likely be a process of elimination coupled with diagnostic testing.

Whenever possible, it’s very important that you inform your health care provider of pelvis discomfort location, intensity and how often. Keeping a pelvis pain journal can help immensely with nailing the causer down.

If a specific cause is determinable, your chronic pelvic pain treatment will focus on treating it. Sometimes the cause can be elusive. So, your incessant pain treatment will focus on managing your health agony.

Potential treatments for chronic pelvic pain include:

hysterectomy may be a recommended option for certain causes of pelvic pain as well. Frequently not suggested until other health efforts have been exhausted.