Many Causes for Skin Blisters and Vesicle Blister Treatment

Non friction type skin blisters, aka vesicle, are largely due to a disease, a skin condition or environmental factors. For the most part, skin blisters break easily and leave a yellow crust after liquid inside dries.

Blistering is your body’s natural reaction to a foreign substance, or what your immune system perceives as such. Blistering is a protective measure to isolate the bad stuff and protect the underlining skin during healing.

In the case of autoimmune blistering diseases, blisters are a result of “friendly fire” against its own healthy skin components.

Some examples of diseases, conditions or environmental instigators that may be causing your skin blisters or a solo skin vesicle:

Some of these blister creators cause pus filled blisters, like the venom depositors.

As for your blood blisters, those are usually caused by skin pinching, crushing or squeezing to an area. In this instance, tiny capillaries break and seep blood into separated skin.

A blister on your lips or on your face around your mouth may be what’s commonly referred to as a “fever” blister or “cold” sore. These “have no fever nor cold” vesicles are most likely caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus, which is highly contagious.

Acyclovir is a prescriptive treatment to decrease pain and speed healing of vesicle sores for those who have:

Over-the-counter treatment remedies are available for certain blister conditions, such as poison ivy/oak/sumac and fever blisters, aka cold sores.