Many Causes for Numbness, Tingling, Burning Sensation Paresthesia, Pins and Needles Feeling

Paresthesia means you are experiencing an abnormal skin sensation, such as numbness, tingling and burning. Ever experience an “asleep” limb followed by a “pins and needles” feeling as it awakens? That’s paresthesia.

Numbness, tingling and burning sensations can occur anywhere, but are most often felt in your fingers, hands, feet, arms or legs. And paresthesia numbness sensation loss is similar to paralysis, but for the inability to move when paralyzed.

Paresthesia health concern typically arises from some sort of nerve damage or disease. Yet, your numbness, tingling and burning can be caused by some other health issue.

There are many causes for a pins and needles feeling. Some health conditions and situations that can be a cause for paresthesia are:

Some medication side effects, like heparin and coumadin, can cause numbing paresthesia.

A neurologist treats nerve causing numbness, tingling and burning paresthesia health problem. Treatment for your pins and needles feeling may only require a drug, like:

Treatment of an underlying disorder may be all that’s needed to relieve that tingling feeling. Lidocaine and prilocaine are topical numbing creams that offer only temporary relief of pins and needles sensation.