Many Causes for Abdominal (Stomach) Pain or Ache

Your abdomen stretches from below your chest to your groin, commonly referred to as the stomach. This area of your body contains many very important organs. And your pain or ache may be coming from any one of these.

There are numerous conditions that can cause abdominal pain. In many cases you can simply wait, use home care remedies, and the pain subsides. However, call your doctor if your abdominal stomach pains or aches persist.

A short list of some of your possible causes for your abdominal pain:

Severe pain doesn’t always mean a serious problem, nor does mild pain mean that your problem is not serious. Always contact your doctor if mild abdominal pain lasts for a week, or if you have stomach pain with other symptoms.

Seek medical attention immediately if:

  • have pain in your chest, neck or shoulder
  • your abdomen is stiff, hard and tender to touch
  • you’re vomiting blood or have blood in your stool
  • you have abdominal pain that is sudden and sharp
  • you can’t move your bowels, especially if you’re vomiting

When an inflamed organ in the abdomen ruptures or leaks fluid, you will have excruciating pain, fever and your abdomen will be very stiff (feels like a board). When this occurs you may have peritonitis due to an infection spreading in the abdominal cavity from the ruptured organ.

And peritonitis is a medical emergency.