Malabsorption Causes Nutrients Digestion, Nutrient Absorption Digestive Problem Symptoms

Malabsorption means you have a nutrient digestion or absorption impairment. This digestive problem is caused by either an infection, a missing component, i.e. enzyme, or a health condition affecting your digestive tract.

Malabsorption’s difficulty digesting or absorbing nutrients from your food causes an insufficiency of all nutrients or just a protein, fat, sugar, vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Some general digestive problem symptoms that may be caused by the various nutrients’ malabsorption are:

Specific symptoms and health conditions that can be caused by a particular nutrient malabsorption include:

Untreated nutrient digestion and absorption problems can lead to:

There are a myriad of health conditions that can be your cause for malabsorption, such as:

Certain medications can have an effect on nutrients digestion or absorption, like:

Treatment of malabsorption is based on the specific cause for the failure to digest or absorb nutrients.