Lung, Pulmonary, Respiratory Disease, Difficulty Breathing Problems, Shortness of Breath Causes

Do you realize that approximately 25,000 times a day you breathe in oxygen? Which is then delivered to your bloodstream via your respiratory system. This “necessary to thrive” compound is fundamental for your cells to work and grow.

Additionally, your football field sized lungs move carbon dioxide out, a by product of cell metabolism.

Unfortunately, this air that you inhale may contain some lung harming matter, such as:

Lung disease refers to any disorder, condition or problem that affects your lungs, preventing your body from getting enough of its “survival required” oxygen. Some of these difficulty breathing, shortness of breath creators include:

If you are experiencing chronic breathing difficulties or problems, taking a lung function test may be administered to measure your lungs size, how much air is moving in and out, speed of expiration and delivery of oxygen to your blood.

Air pollutants, a cause for respiratory issues, are present both inside and outside. Some inside sources of air pollutants you may not take into your lungs’ consideration include:

Use baking soda or vinegar and water as household cleaners is your “lung happy” way to a clean house.

A couple of things you can do to avoid outdoor air pollutants are:

  • don’t overfill gas tank
  • keep lids on any strong chemicals
  • paint with a brush rather than a sprayer
  • don’t start your car in the garage with the door closed
  • check local pollution reports ~ stay inside when levels are high

Particle pollution is a mixture of microscopic solids and liquid droplets suspended in air, known as particulate matter. This air pollution is made up of any number of components, like:

The major health concern with particulates are the tiny ones, for they can go deep in your lungs, and may even make their way into your bloodstream. Not a health promoting situation.

Finally, stay away from high traffic areas. Health promotion does not fair well with daily traffic jammed commutes. No amount of money is worth this latent lung damage, difficulty or problem.