Liposarcoma Cancerous Tumor Causes Soft Tissue Lump of Adipose Fat Tissue

Sarcoma is a cancerous tumor that is born out of connective tissue. They are classified as either soft tissue tumors or bone tumors. A tumor is a lump of tissue that grows out of control.

Fat, aka adipose, is a type of soft tissue. Liposarcoma is cancer of your fat tissue, which causes a soft tissue lump.

In middle aged adults, liposarcoma is a relatively common type of adipose tissue sarcoma. Yet overall, sarcoma is a rare form of cancer.

Liposarcomas predominately crop up in the deep adipose tissue of the abdomen or thigh. And these lumps of cancerous fat rarely arise from a lipoma, a noncancerous fatty tissue tumor.

Fat tissue sarcoma lumps typically don’t produce symptoms early on. As your liposarcoma tumor grows, it may cause some pain if it compresses against a nerve or muscle.

Should your fat lump of cancer be in the abdominal area, it can cause symptoms like intestinal blockage or stomach bleeding. And for women, liposarcoma symptoms may be mistaken for menstrual cramps.

Primary treatment for a liposarcoma is surgical removal of your entire lump of cancerous soft tissue whenever possible. Radiation and chemotherapy may be used to complement cancerous adipose tumor withdrawal.