Lipoma Fatty Tumor Growth Causes Soft Under Skin Lumps, Lipoma Fatty Lump Removal Treatment

A lipoma is a soft fatty tumor growth under your skin. These lumps feel flat, doughy and move around easily. Usually painless, lipoma tumors grow slowly, may hang around for years and are not cancerous.

Soft under skin lumps are often first felt around middle age, but lipomas can flourish at any age. The growth regions for these benign tumors are typically:

  • neck
  • back
  • arms
  • thighs
  • shoulders

A lipoma fatty tumor usually remain small. Occasionally they can:

  • get infected
  • become inflamed
  • grow to a size that causes painful pressure on adjacent nerves

Very rarely, a lipoma like under skin lump is actually a form of cancer. Cancerous fatty cell tumors are called liposarcomas. They differ from lipomas in that they:

  • aren’t movable
  • have rapid growth
  • are frequently painful

If your fatty tumor growth fits this bill, then visit your health care professional right away.

Generally, treatment isn’t essential for noncancerous lipomas. However, if your lipoma is in a bothersome spot or causes pain, then removal is possible.

Lipoma removal treatment options include:

  • steroid injections ~ shrinks, doesn’t totally eliminate fatty tumor
  • liposuction ~ difficult to remove entire under skin lump, scarring is minimal
  • surgical removal ~ cutting them out is recommended for larger lipomas, recurrence less likely

Even when lipoma removal treatment is not recommended, always keep your health care person up to speed on any existing or new soft under skin lumps.