Intestinal Obstruction Causes Bowel Blockage Abdominal Pain, Distention Symptoms

Intestinal obstruction means you have some sort of blockage involving the bowel. A blocked bowel causes a hindrance to intestinal content passage.

Not a healthy situation, and definitely not comfortable after a couple of days of food and drink consumption. Intestinal obstruction can cause an array of distressing symptoms, like:

The cause for bowel obstruction depends on whether your bowel blockage is in your small intestine or colon. And your abdominal pain and distention symptoms can be caused by something physically blocking the way (mechanical) or a condition causing the bowel to malfunction (ileus).

Mechanical causes of intestinal obstruction symptoms may include:

These conditions can be a cause for your bowel not to function properly:

Abdominal infections are sometimes associated with appendicitisperitonitis and shock. All commanding immediate medical attention to your health.

If left untreated, intestinal obstruction can cause a potentially life ending situation. Bowel blockage may lead to:

Specific treatment for relief of your abdomen pain and distention symptoms depend on what’s causing your bowel condition. And with prompt health care, intestinal obstruction is often treated successfully.

Complete intestinal obstruction, meaning nothing gets through, is a medical emergency requiring immediate healthy alleviation of bowel blockage.