Inflammatory Diseases Inflammation, Inflammatory Disease Types, Inflammatory Disease Treatment

An inflammatory disease is caused by chronic inflammation. This inflammation may occur in an internal organ, joint or on your skin.

Inflammation is the immune system’s response to infectiontoxins, injury or irritation. Chronic inflammation arises when your inflammatory response doesn’t turn off appropriately. So, inflammation continues beyond the need, which can cause damage to healthy tissue.

Inflammation causes the hallmark symptom of swelling, that may be coupled with:

  • heat
  • redness
  • tenderness, pain

Many diseases are referred to as inflammatory, as well as falling into other category of diseases, such as autoimmune. Some various types of inflammatory diseases include:

Systemic inflammation means your inflammatory health condition is not confined to one type of tissue.

Studies indicate that loss of circulating estrogen hormone post menopause may contribute to chronic inflammation. Men suffer a similar inflammatory health situation with andropause, wherein free testosterone reduces, just much more gradually.

Other potential causes for fueling various types of inflammatory diseases are:

  • stress
  • obesity
  • trans fats
  • lack of sleep
  • refined sugars, carbohydrates
  • food intolerance ~ lactosegluten
  • food additives, preservatives ~ MSG
  • food allergies ~ eggs, dairy, soy, nuts
  • environmental toxins ~ air pollutionleadmercury
  • dietary changes away from nature produced to processed foods
  • abdominal fat cells secrete molecules that increase systemic inflammation
  • advanced glycation end products ~ high heat, prolonged cooking via deep frying, well done meat

There are various types of drugs available to treat inflammation. They work by overriding your inflammatory response, like:

The problem with this type of inflammatory disease treatment is it may not treat your underlying cause of inflammation. And in some cases, your inflammatory problem may be solved by just engendering some health promoting alterations to your lifestyle.

Several causes on the list of possible inflammatory response instigators relate to food. Thus, begin by making some significant dietary changes is an advisable place to start.

Possibly the easiest way to go about this is to significantly increase your consumption of fruits, vegetables and seafood. Correspondingly, drastically decrease you consumption of processed foods. And improving your nutrition may culminate in weight loss.

Suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease may be your wake up call that you need make some other changes in your life too. Stress naturally produces adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol, which promote inflammation. This is not a bad thing in the short-term. However, sustained high stress levels will gradually wear you down.

Two other important anti-inflammatory lifestyle related treatments are ample sleep and exercise. Both help your body quell chronic inflammation.

Finally, you might try a regular program of earthing for treating your inflammatory disease. Kick your shoes off and go get grounded in nature!