Impetigo Skin Infection Causes Crusty Sore Symptoms for Treatment

Impetigo is a skin infection usually caused by staph, but sometimes strep bacteria. It starts when one of these bacteria enters the skin through a cut, scratch or insect bite.

Impetigo’s initial symptom is a red or pimple like sore that can show up anywhere on your body, but typically on your:

  • face
  • legs
  • arms

After your impetigo sore fills with pus, it breaks open, oozes and forms an itchy crusty layer. But don’t scratch the itch. This can spread to more crusty ulcerated sores.

Self help treatment for minor impetigo crusty sore infections:

  • carefully remove any scabs
  • cover with non-stick bandage
  • apply antibiotic ointment 3x daily
  • soak in a vinegar solution ~ white/apple vinegar & water

For a natural treatment on these crusty sores try:

  • olive oil
  • tea tree oil

Although anyone can develop impetigo, infants and toddlers are most susceptible. Other high risk factors included:

Impetigo is highly contagious and can spread via crusty sore contact or other contaminated items, such as bedding, towels or clothes.

Ecthyma is a bacterial skin infection that is very similar, but deeper in your skin’s layer.