Hyperthyroidism Causes Anxiety, Nervousness, Muscle Weakness, Hand Tremors Symptoms for Treatment

Hyperthyroidism, also known as overactive thyroid, is a condition wherein there is too much thyroid hormone running around in your body. If your body is drenched in excessive thyroid hormones, then the pace of your metabolism is sped up.

A sped up metabolism might be top billing on an overweight individual’s wish list. However, hyperthyroidism’s type of metabolism speed creates undesirable symptoms far beyond weight loss, like:

Treatment for anxiety and nervousness hyperthyroidism is not a simple matter. Working closely with your physician is paramount to finding your cause and making the appropriate corrections to relieve your symptoms. Some treatment regimes include:

  • beta-blockers ~ quick acting blocker to thyroid hormone actions in the body
  • surgery ~ permanently cure with thyroid gland removal; side effect hypothyroidism
  • anti thyroid drugs ~ blocks thyroid gland’s ability to make new thyroid hormone; potential minor side effects of skin rasheshivesfever or joint pain; rarely liver damage as evidenced by jaundicedark urinesevere fatigue or abdominal pain
  • radioactive iodine ~ damages or destroys thyroid hormone making cells that make thyroid hormone; primary potential side effect is hypothyroidism

The most common cause of muscle weakness and tremors hyperthyroidism is blood roaming antibodies stimulating the thyroid gland to spawn and secrete its hormone in an amount way outside the bounds of normalcyGrave’s disease is the most common hyperthyroidism disorder.

Also, you can have temporary symptoms of hyperthyroidism with other thyroiditis conditions.

Not a heck of a lot is known about what actually causes hyperthyroidism and autoimmune diseases. What is known is that consuming a healthy diet and a regime of regular exercise is paramount to maintaining vital health.