Hirsutism Causes Women Facial Hair, Body Hair for Unwanted Female Facial Hair, Body Hair Removal

Are you a woman growing dark, thick, coarse hair on your face? Chances are you consider this unwanted facial hair a major issue. So read on for why this is happening, along with get rid of removal options.

The cause for excessive thick, dark female hair growth on your face or body is hirsutism. This type of unwanted hair growth is not the same as that baby fine hair growth many women experience all over.

Hirsutism is usually caused by a high level of androgen, a male hormone. Other symptoms you may also notice with too much of this hormone include:

Your suffering from these conditions may increase your normally low levels of male hormones:

Certain medications can also be the nexus for your excess hirsutism hair growth, such as:

Sometimes, hirsutism is caused by androgen hormone sensitivity of your hair follicles.

There are several options available for getting rid of or temporarily removing your unwanted female hair. Kicking off with your weight.

If you are overweight, then lose your excess pounds. Weight loss decreases circulating male hormone levels in women. Thus reducing facial hair growth and other undesirable body hair caused by hirsutism.

Shaving is a safe and easy hair removal method. Stubble and skin irritation are its disadvantages. If you go this hair removal route, hydrocortisone cream can assist with your irritation.

Depilatories can be used for hair removal. A depilatory is a cream or liquid that removes hair by reacting with the protein structure of your hair. Your facial hair quickly dissolves, leaving no stubble.

Use only the ones specifically formulated for facial hair if that is your targeted elimination area. And you want to test it on a small area first, as one of its negative is skin rash.

Waxing, at home or in a salon, is an option for hair removal. It can leave your waxed area smooth for over a month Drawbacks of this choice is pain, temporary redness, inflammation and bumps.

Electrolysis is a hair removal measure that gets rid of hair permanently. Its delivery of a small electric current into your hair follicle can be expensive and time consuming. Home electrolysis products and electronic tweezers are available, but their effectiveness is controversial.

Laser hair removal option can only be done expensively by a licensed practitioner. This unwanted hair removing system uses laser light to damage your hair follicle so it falls out, and hopefully does not return.

Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal, but it will extend your free from hair time period. Possibly years. However laser removal is not without the risk of side effects:

Finally, there are prescription drugs available to help control your androgen hormone caused hirsutism. You will need to pay your health care professional a visit for these.

Yep. Men do suffer from this hormone induced health condition, not exclusively for women only. But the associated female embarrassment factor is not at issue.