Heavy, Excessive Menstruation and Painful Cramps Periods Causes for Natural Relief Treatment

Heavy, excessive and prolonged (more than 7 days) bleeding during menstruation is called menorrhagia. An imbalance of estrogen and progesterone hormone levels is its most common cause.

However, your heavy menstrual bleeding can also be caused by:

A thorough examination by your doctor will help you determine if any of these are a cause for your excessive bleeding.

Severe painful cramps during menstruation is called dysmenorrhea, and there are two types. Primary dysmenorrhea is caused by the release of large amounts of prostaglandin, which allow pain receptors in the area to be more sensitive to pain.

Large releases of prostaglandin can lead to:

Secondary dysmenorrhea is pain caused by some condition like:

Having cramps during menstruation is common. Standard relief treatment for painful cramps is NSAIDS, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and ketoprofen. These over the counter medications act by swiftly decreasing your body’s release of prostaglandin.

Recent research reveals promising natural ways that may act to inhibit prostaglandin productions as well. These natural relief treatments include:

  • omega-3 fatty acid ~ fish oil, flaxseed
  • phenolic ~ fruits, vegetables, green tea
  • curcumin ~ active ingredients of turmeric
  • resveratrol ~ grape skins, blueberries, peanuts
  • flavonoids ~ fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate

Going natural for your cramp relief is not fast acting. Waiting to improve your diet the day you are doubled over with cramps is too late. Instead, nature provides you with gentle, effective, long-term relief slowly.

Maintaining your consumption of a healthy diet over a long period is the route to natural cramp relief.