Healthy Food Choices and Physical Fitness for Living a Healthy Lifestyle Without Disease

What you eat and what you do are the two most important components for living healthy. Feeling good and disease avoidance are the two major outcomes of a healthy lifestyle pattern.

Disease is an impairment of the normal state of living, and genetics is the only contributor outside your control. Being in an overweight condition, most often a result of unhealthy eating and lack of movement, is a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Focusing your attention on losing weight, rather than making healthier food choices and improving your fitness level, only gives an appearance of fixing a pervasively unhealthy life.

Without getting to the root of the problem, and adjusting that which is out of balance, is a short lived solution. What is established, and remains there in spite of weight loss, is a lifestyle in support of disease.

Taking appropriate steps toward healthy living dramatically reduces your risk for:

When you start down your road of a healthy lifestyle, first and foremost, is to offer your body healthy food. Healthy food is typically not brought to you in a package. In general,processing results in financial gain for the seller, and too often not a healthy benefit for the consumer.

At the time you’re buying your food, stop and ask yourself “who am I benefiting” with this choice. If the answer isn’t your body, place that item right back on the shelf.

Sound too simple? Fact is, it is that simple. Why would you spend your hard earned money on that which doesn’t provide you with the most benefit. Shopping carts are filled each day for the benefit of major corporations, with little or no benefit to the cart pusher. That is one definition of insanity.

A shopping cart filled with healthy food choices equates to “taste buds preferred” selection of fruits and veggies, along with lean protein and low fat calcium rich foods.The icing on your shopping list cake is only a couple of high carbohydrate concentrated food items, such as potatoes and grains. And leave that bread on the shelf as well.

Next time you head for the checkout counter at your local grocery store, peer down into your cart and assess your percentages. If your cart is not in a healthy food balance, use this opportunity for a physical fitness walk back through the store returning all those insane items.

Healthy food choices and physical fitness contribute to a healthy lifestyle without disease. Not fun, just sane!