Ganglion Cyst Causes Soft Skin Bump or Hard Skin Lump for Ganglion Cyst Removal

A ganglion cyst causes a typically painless soft skin bump or hard skin lump near a tendon or joint. These very common cysts often vary in size, growing and shrinking in concert with the use of their nearby joint. And can even mysteriously disappear.

What causes a ganglion cyst to develop is leakage of thick tendon and joint lubricating liquid. This liquid is usually sealed in a small compartment, but for some reason it leaks. It’s this escaping fluid that causes your bump or lump to grow.

Why the lubrication leaks in the first place is frequently indeterminable. Although, ganglion cysts are sometimes associated with an injury, repetitive stress, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis. And your soft skin bump or hard lump is not a tumor nor a cause of cancer. Nor do they spread.

The sites where ganglion cysts commonly occur include:

  • foot
  • ankle
  • inside wrist
  • back of wrist
  • last joint on finger

Yet, they can materialize around any joint.

Aside from a noticeable lump or bump, your ganglion cyst won’t likely cause any other symptoms unless it’s touching a nerve. And in that case, you may experience aching pain, tingling or burning.

If your soft skin bump or hard skin lump is painless, then no cause for ganglion cyst treatment. However, if your ganglion cyst is causing pain or interferes with joint movement, then these treatment options will be considered before ganglion cyst removal:

When all else fails, ganglion cyst removal is the alternative via open or arthroscopic surgery. Ganglion cyst removal generally gains you a positive result, although a cyst can recur.