Fever Causes Symptoms of a Higher Than Its Normal Body Temperature for Treatment

A fever is your body at a higher than “its normal” temperature. Increasing your body’s temperature is one weapon in defense against infection.

Most bacteria and viruses that cause infections thrive in the 98.6 F “normal” body temperature. Increasing this norm temp slightly (fever) creates a negative environment for their survival.

Running a fever symptoms include:

Added symptoms you may experience if your fever is above 103:

Running a fever activates your immune system, a key stimulator for launching a voracious attack on the multiplying infectious invader. Suggested rule of thumb for adults is doctor contact with above 102 for more than three days.

Infections are the typical cause for higher than normal body temperature. Some other fever causing situations include:

Treatment depends on the cause of your fever. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are often used to lower a very high fever. Adults have the aspirin treatment option, whereas children do not.
Whenever your body is in the “fever” mode, it is important to drink plenty of fluids in your effort to prevent dehydration.