Eye Infection Causes, Eye Infections Symptoms, Eye, Eyelid Infection Types, Eye Infections Treatment

An eye infection is a health condition many will encounter at least once in a lifetime. Sometimes your eye can clear an infection without treatment, while other times these vision producers need a bit of help. When in doubt, have it checked out.

You can develop eye infections from a bacteriavirusfungus or parasite. Eye infections can cause inflammation and issues to different eye components, like:

Eye infections can arise in most parts of your eye. And can cause one or both of your eyes to be infected.

Symptoms of an eye infection generally involve:

Something in your environment can also irritate your eyes and cause pink symptoms, for instance chemicals and air pollution.

Symptoms vary based on which type of eye infection you’re experiencing. Some basic types of eye or eyelid infections are:

Conjunctivitis, the most common type of eye infection, is frequently caused by adenovirus. This is the same virus that causes the common cold and it is contagious.

There are several of different types infections that can spread into and infect your eye or eyelid, including:

Treatment depends on the cause of your eye infection and may encompass:

Anytime your eye infection symptoms involve vision changes or eye pain, you should go see your health care professional or an ophthalmologist right away.

And because a mom can pass an STD to their baby’s eyes during delivery, newborns are often given antibiotic eye drops immediately following birth.