Essential Tremor Causes Hand Shacking Movement Disorder Symptoms for Tremors Treatment

Tremors are unintentional shaking muscle movements, most often affecting the hands. Essential tremor, also referred to as benign essential tremor, is the most common type.

Having essential tremor is not a life threatening condition, and this movement disorder can develop even if you are otherwise healthy. Candidly, uncontrollable hand shaking may be a bit embarrassing and make some tasks a lot more difficult to perform.

Essential hand tremor shakes often interfere with simple fine motor movement tasks, like:

  • writing
  • shaving
  • drinking
  • tying your shoes

Essential tremor onset symptoms typically start their shaking movement over 40, but tremors can pop in at any age. And it equally affects both genders.

Essential tremor are not only a hand shake issue, they can also cause tremors in your:

Hand shaking and other essential tremor symptoms are commonly aggravated by:

Some only experience occasional, temporary or intermittent essential tremors. While others may notice mild gait disturbances, frequency or severity increases and decreases.

Other diseases or conditions do not cause essential tremor symptoms. Many associate tremors with Parkinson’s disease, but the two conditions differ in key ways:

  • essential tremor can involve hands, head & voice ~ Parkinson’s typically affect hands, but not head or voice
  • essential tremor occur when your hands are in use ~ Parkinson’s tremors most prominent with hands by your side or in lap
  • essential tremor doesn’t cause other health problems ~ Parkinson’s associated with stooped posture, slow movement, shuffling gait

50% of essential tremor cases seem to be because of a genetic mutation. The cause for the other half isn’t established.

Tremors can result from other conditions as well, such as:

Some of these tremors are reversible once the cause is corrected.

There is no cure for essential tremor. However, treatment may offer some hand shaking relief with reduction, stoppage or control for this muscle movement disorder.

Treatment options include:

Surgery is an option for those with severe tremors who do not respond to drug treatment. Essential tremor is treated with beta blockers and anticonvulsant medications.

A naturally recommended form of healthy hand shacking tremors treatment is to avoid the dietary consumption of caffeine or other stimulants.