Emphysema Causes Shortness of Breath Symptoms for Oxygen Therapy, Lung Surgery Treatment

Emphysema is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, wherein your body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Suffering from emphysema lung disease makes it hard to catch your breath.

Emphysema is marked by the irreversible destruction of alveoli. Damage to these fragile air sacs causes exchange difficulty between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood.

Emphysema develops slowly, usually after years of exposure to irritants. Most often caused by smoking cigarettes and it differs from lung cancer.

Rarely, emphysema is caused by a low level of alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAt) protein. AAt deficiency is hereditary.

Additional risk factors for emphasema’s cause include:

Your initial symptom is feeling activity induced shortness of breath beyond the norm. As your emphysema progresses, even a short walk can leave you breathless. Some experience chronic bronchitis before their emphysema develops.

Other symptoms of emphysema may involve:

Respiratory infections, such as a cold or flu, causes you an especially hard to breathe status. And pulmonary hypertension is a possible complication.

Emphysema treatments focus on relieving shortness of breath symptoms and preventing complications. Ranging from oxygen therapy all the way up to lung surgery.

Available treatments are:

Lung transplantation surgery is an option for severe emphysema after these other “get me more oxygen” treatments have already failed.

Smoking cessation is your most effective treatment of all!