Edema Causes Swollen Feet, Ankles, Legs and Treatment for Relief of Fluid Retention

Are suffering from swollen feet? This swelling health condition is frequently caused by edema.

Edema is caused by fluid in your body’s tissues. It typically involves swollen feet, ankles and legs because gravity has a tendency to pull excess fluid down. Although, fluid retention is noticed in the peripheral areas, it can happen anywhere in your body.

Some of the more common edema causes are:

Another factor to consider in your quest for potential swollen feet causes is what drugs you take. Antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, steroids and hormones (birth control, testosterone or estrogen hormone replacement) can also cause fluid retention.

Some treatment methods for relief of your swollen feet, ankles and legs edema are:

  • use a foot rest
  • exercise regularly
  • limit your salt intake
  • apply cold water compresses
  • don’t cross your legs when sitting
  • take breaks and sit with your feet up
  • wear supportive compression stockings
  • avoid standing or sitting for long periods
  • stay cool because heat can make the swelling worse
  • elevate your legs slightly with pillows while sleeping

If your swollen feet cause extreme discomfort and none of these treatment for relief methods reduce your swelling, your doctor may recommend you take a diuretic, also known as water pill. And you might want to give “simple sugars” the boot from your healthy diet, as it can be a cause of edema s well.